Why persistence is important when building a business

Hi there. My name is Martin Howley and I would like to share with you my story and experience about persistence because as you know, persistence in any business is very important.

So here you are. We are back in the year 2000 after an unfortunate death of my girlfriend and after buying many properties and getting myself unfortunately seriously in debt to the tune of 100,000 pounds. I really didn’t know what to do. I wanted to go bankrupt and give up. So much debt.

So with the help of a few friends and my dear, loving mother, who didn’t want to see me fail, she put a few pounds my way and begged me not to give up and go for it and keep going. Be persistent. Please don’t give up my son. Please don’t give up. You can do this.

So it took a lot of will. It took a lot of strength deep down. So I decided to keep going and keep trying and working hard and trying to find a better job and the better money and I said my prayers and did what I had to do.

As months went by and the next couple of years went by, I persisted. I just never gave up. I kept going. I worked 12 hours a day. I found the nearest job, seven days a week. I persisted. I persisted and I made extra money. The more money I made, the more I smashed my debt and reduced it.

I kept going. I just did not give up. I just did not give up. I persisted. So then, a good opportunity came for me in 2011. A very good friend offered me a fantastic job in Australia. I persisted. I kept going. It was a big risk for me, a big gamble. I did not have much money even to pay the air flight, to pay for my visa. But I found it. I dug deep. I worked so hard. I persisted.

So many hours I put in on the construction site. I saved and I saved and I saved. I got to Australia. No hotel booked. No job to go to. But I got there. I made a few calls. I put my CV out online. I prayed and I hoped and I persisted big time.

Then I got the opportunity of a fantastic job earning $3000 a week in the mining industry. I don’t believe this. All my persistence is paying off and I’m going to pay my debt off soon. I kept digging deep. I slept. I worked night and day for two and a half years in the mining industry in Australia in Perth as a carpenter.

After two and a half years, all my persistence has paid off. I’ve actually paid off all my hundred thousand pounds that I was originally in debt from in 2005 and I kept persisting. I have now retired from construction. I have my own importing company now, importing products from China. I’m actually doing some trading online and now here I am. I’ve joined this fantastic MOBE company, internet marketing, and I’m talking to you now.

Guys, just do not give up. It’s persistence, constant persistence every single day, every single month, year after year. Believe me, the 16-year-old Irish kid, a dropout from school as a failure can get to this point in my life, talking to you now in a video in MOBE’s head office in [0:03:42] [Indiscernible]. You can do it too. Go and do it. Thank you.