My personal experience of the law of attraction and the tools I use

Hi there folks. My name is Martin Howley and I would like to introduce you to my experience of the law of attraction.

Way back in the near 2000s when I was 100,000 pounds in debt, I had a very good friend called Shirley Walsh. She wanted to help me so badly and she knew all about the law of attraction. I never did. I was kind of negative-minded, didn’t know anything about positivity much.

I just worked, kept on doing my day job, come home, watch TV, going on with my life, trying to do my bits and pieces, but really had my head in the sand, you know. Not much about positivity really, not coming from a very good background myself.

So she knew I kind of – my friend Shirley knew I was in dire straits of my life and popping around there one day for a cup of tea as a friend. She put this video, CD, into my hand of The Secret and told me, “Go home Martin. Take a look at it, please.” She begged me more or less.

So I did and to my amazement, being a negative person unfortunately, it just blew my mind. For a whole hour and a half, I watched this video and I watched it again and again for the whole week, for the whole next week. It just blew my mind and I just moved on and moved on with my life and switched to a good positive reaction to this DVD of The Secret. So inspiring.

I then by another friend, a very good, caring friend, was told, “Buy this book, You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay.” Now this book is just mind-boggling to me. The law of attraction and positivity, you can heal your life in so amazing ways. I treat this book as the next thing to the bible without a shadow of a doubt. If you want to fix your life, heal your life, like I did, I can’t recommend this book and this lady enough. She speaks also about affirmations and this is what I did. As I needed money, I wrote it out every morning, every night. I live a life of abundance and I am financially free.

On another page, I wrote I am wealthy and I am financially free every morning, every night. I consistently persisted and I did this every night, every morning. Then also I came across another book while I was looking around all these help books in the shop, self-help section, attracting even more positivity. It was so inspiring to me. As I was working so hard and beginning to pay off my debts and I was thinking, “God, this thing is so good, so inspiring.”

So in the middle of this book, I found a page with a check in it. So it gave me the idea. I would write a check to myself for the next 12 months. So I did. I wrote a check to myself, 100,000 pounds in the next 12 months. Just inspiring myself and see if I could achieve it as I kept being persistent and kept on doing what I was doing to try and get away and get out of debt and get there and really do this and get on with my life.

I put it on the fridge. I put it on my computer. I put it on my face, everywhere I could be, everywhere I was. Then also I came across a CD, Success, all successful, motivational songs in the car, in my room, in my house. I started singing to myself as you do with songs.

I am a Success. I am a magnet to money. I am a success. I am a magnet to money and lo and behold, I kept being persistent. I kept saying these things over and over and over again. On my days, on my weeks, on my months and years, just prospered, just got better and better. My opportunities that came into my life were just amazing. I also learned to know the trick that I was told, put plenty of money all around your computer. You know, this is just souvenir, fake money but you imagine it’s real, you know. You put it in your wallet.

You put it on your computer, you put it on your fridge and you’re seeing it every day. It’s a motivational tool. It’s a law of attraction tool, you know. So you just – you have to keep doing stuff like this. It’s just I’m just sharing here really my tools and it got me where I am today.

Also, the jade stone. The jade stone I’ve been given to me about 12 months ago, keep it on me. It’s to attract abundance, luck, good health and prosperity. There is a card here. I keep it on me always, always there in my pocket, always with me, every day. Now to my amazement, after 10 years of doing this, being 100,000 English pounds in debt, I am now proud to say after all that time, of all my persistence, the law of attraction and hard work, I am building a half a million dollar house in Perth, sunny Perth, Australia. I’m doing things online trading and I just joined this fantastic internet business called MOBE.

I actually don’t even know a lot about computers but I’m willing to give it a go as I’ve been doing construction for 27 years and having celiac disease was wiping so much energy from me.

So there’s my story folks about the law of attraction. I hope it has inspired you and I got to tell you, you know, never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never stop giving up. Just do it. Take massive action and your day will come.